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Property Management

Mark Development, Inc. Property Management operations has managed up to nine rental projects on the islands of Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii. Projects are typically equipped with an on-site resident manager and maintenance crew. Besides regular management duties, Mark Development also plans and implements all capital improvements for its projects. Mark Development’s property management staff has been trained and certified by the National Center for Housing Management (NCHM) and Spectrum, Inc.

Mark Development, Inc. is computer automated in tenant and accounting information. Mark Development is the only property manager in Hawaii to use the web based Boston Post software. Boston Post automation improves accuracy in income certifications and recerts. It also provides owners with current updates to HUD regulations in forms, and provides remote and consistent property management when on-site personnel are on vacation, sick or employee turnover. Tenant communications are consistent and electronically recorded, protecting owners and managers. Posting rents in accounting systems can be much more efficient than other computer based property management software.  Mark Development also uses Boston Post's work-order tracking system to handle all property and tenant maintenance requests.


Mark Development is also on-line in submitting their HUD 50059, Tenant Certification forms, to the TRACS Central Processing Facility via high-speed online connection.

All projects are or were subsidized under various Federal/State programs (FmHA 515, FmHA “Deep Subsidy”, FmHA/Section 8, HUD Section 8, HUD 236 and LIHTC programs).


Current properties managed include:

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