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Mahi'ai Hale

4-story walk-up consisting of 12 units, Section 514 off-farm housing project subsidized by USDA located in Wahiawa, O'ahu. MDI is currently addressing major capital improvements including a planned phase of renovation and rehab of all rental units. 

Property Information:

Farm Laborer Requirement:            

An eligible household must include a tenant or co-tenant who is a domestic farm laborer, a retired or disabled domestic farm laborer, or must be a surviving household of a deceased domestic farm laborer, as defined by USDA


Four-story walk-up residential building with parking on ground floor 

Unit Type:             

12 Two-bedroom units 

All units are partly furnished


Water included in rent; Tenant is responsible for Electric 


  • Coin operated washing machines on property

  • Security cameras



“NO PET POLICY”  | Accommodation considered for verifiable service animals

Occupancy Limit:      

Two Bedroom:   1 to 5 people

Income Limit:      

Federal Regional Income Limits for Hired Farmworkers & the Adjusted Income

Limits as periodically posted by USDA


Approximately 30% of household's total adjusted annual income


Waitlist Priority:      

Management will observe preferences listed below, prioritized in the order of the list below and sub-lists: 

  1. Income Level: Priority to households with 2 or more members

  2. Income Level: 1) Very Low   2) Low   3) Moderate

  3. Farm Laborer Status

    1. Active Farm Laborer

    2. Retired or Disabled domestic farm laborer households who were active in the local farm labor market area at the time of retirement or becoming disabled

    3. Other Retired and Disabled domestic farm laborer households who were NOT active in teh local farm market at the time of retiring or becoming disabled

Any applicant on the waiting list with a Letter of Priority Entitlement (LOPE) would be placed at the top of the unit size and income level appropriate


Mahi'ai Hale
Laura Daniels, Manager


C: (808) 753-3973


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